Understanding Addiction and Its Impact on Mental Health

Mental Health

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease that can affect people of all backgrounds, ages and cultures. Understanding addiction can help you and your loved one find support and resources that you may not have known about. Addiction: Its Impact on Mental Health Many individuals with a substance use disorder also suffer from a mental health […]

The Benefits of Getting a Flu Vaccine

Flu Vaccine

Getting a flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the flu. It is especially important for babies and young children, pregnant women, older adults, and people with certain health conditions like asthma or heart disease. Each year, a new flu vaccine is released to protect against the viruses […]

How to Support a Loved One With HIV/AIDS


People living with HIV/AIDS need a lot of support to stay healthy. This can include help with daily activities and medication, as well as emotional support. HIV/AIDS – Complications Many families find it difficult to cope with an AIDS diagnosis. They may experience feelings of fear, confusion and sadness. 1. Don’t be afraid to ask […]

How to Recognize and Manage Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder

If you or someone you know has social anxiety disorder, it’s important to recognize and manage the symptoms. This can help you or the person you’re concerned about feel more comfortable in social situations and improve their overall quality of life. Social Anxiety Disorder: Impact and Treatment Social anxiety is a serious mental health condition […]

How to Prevent Diabetes Complications

Diabetes Complications

Keeping your blood sugar well-controlled can help prevent diabetes complications. High blood glucose can damage your eyes, heart, kidneys and nerves. Diabetes Complications – Prevention You can control these risks by following a few simple steps. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet and getting regular checkups can help. 1. Maintain a healthy weight […]

How to Help Someone Experiencing a Panic Attack

panic attack

When someone you care about has a panic attack, it can be hard to know what to do. However, if you take the time to understand and empathise with their experience, you can help them get through it more easily. Panic Attack: How to Help? Health professionals are now encouraging families and partners to play […]

Understanding the Connection Between Anxiety and Sleep

Anxiety and Sleep

Sleep is a major pillar of mental health and overall well-being. It helps the body regenerate after a long day and maintain a healthy mood. Connection Between Anxiety and Sleep However, sleep challenges are associated with anxiety disorders and can increase the likelihood of developing anxiety symptoms. Poor sleep is also linked to worse mental […]

The Future of Telehealth: Trends and Predictions for Virtual Care

Virtual Care

As healthcare organizations leap over the telehealth chasm, they’re going to need secure, scalable infrastructure and a streamlined patient experience. This will require much-needed vendor consolidation and strategic integration. Virtual care is a growing trend in specialized medicine that will expand as it becomes more convenient and culturally accepted. Expect to see more use of […]

Telehealth and Health Equity: Addressing Healthcare Disparities Through Virtual Care

Telehealth and Health Equity

While telehealth is a promising solution to healthcare disparities, it must be deployed carefully to avoid creating new inequities. Telehealth and Health Equity Broadband Accessibility and Digital Literacy – This is a key techequity challenge that can limit patient participation in telehealth. This is particularly true for patients from rural areas, racial and ethnic minorities, […]