Frequently Asked Questions

We have a team of sessional Health professionals GP, Nurses, Pharmacists, Dieticians and Diabetes Educators who you can book with for either an in-clinic appointment or a virtual consult. Our service also allows us to manage and keep track of your vitals such as Blood Glucose levels to make sure you stay on the best plan for you
Yes if you have previously visited our clinic and seen one of our Health Professionals you are entitled to be Bulk Billed for the video/phone consultation.
You can either come into the clinic where you are welcome to login to your account on our health check devices for free. You can do this as many times as you wish. Or you can purchase the appropriate medical device to undertake this at home. We have an App that you can download for free that allows you to record all your vitals data that allows our health professionals the ability to monitor your levels.

If you are an eligible Medicare or DVA card holder you will be bulk billed. Charges for other health professionals will be provided to you prior to booking the consultation.

Your information is securely stored on our Amazon servers based in Sydney. We use fully compliant software and never share your information with 3rd parties unless you agree.

Yes our doctors are able to refer you to the appropriate specialists

Yes you can either come in for a consultation at the clinic or as a regular patient of the clinic you can call us and we will send your script to the pharmacy of your choice or you can even have it delivered to home. (Depending on your postcode)

We are able to offer repeat scripts which you can collect at the pharmacy. All Repeat scripts need to be checked by the doctor. It is the doctors discretion as to whether your request can be processed. It may require a Telehealth consultation with the doctor to make sure your health conditions have not changed. This is a Bulk Billed service.

Schedule 8 drugs – Schedule 8 Controlled Drug medications and drugs of addiction can not be prescribed via telehealth. This includes codeine, S8 drugs, opioids or sleeping tablets. It is inappropriate to prescribe any such medication in this manner due to the potential for addiction and misuse. It is not possible for our GPs to provide any S8 medications, please do not proceed to book a video consultation if you are seeking such medication as your consultation fee with the GP will not be refunded. Abuse by patients to our Doctors seeking these medications will not be tolerated.

Our doctors specialise in Chronic Disease management. Should you wish to maintain a relationship with other doctors or health professionals we are able to share your information.

We are able to refer you to our partner home visit nurse service (depending on your location). As an alternative we are able to provide you with a consultation with an appropriate health professional by telehealth.

Our doctors, Nurses will develop a care plan designed to meet your needs. This plan will provide you with a coordinated approach to the management of your health that will include referring to appropriate specialists and allied health practitioners who will also care for you.
Any allied health worker such as a physiotherapist, dietitian, podiatrist, audiologist, diabetes nurse, occupational therapist, pharmacist, psychologist, psychiatrist or exercise physiologist. Some of the allied health professionals we work with operate from our clinic rooms.
Depending on your plan and the specific Healthcare Professional. For example a GP can provide 5 visits per calendar year. Whilst a GP can refer you to other health professionals who are able to offer different services, potentially Medicare rebatable services. However should you experience any health related issues a GP is able to consult with you as often as is required.
Our clinic is able to either be an additional clinical service to your regular GP. As we specialise in the management of remote patient monitoring necessary to keep an eye on your health in between scheduled visits. We follow up with you and plan your visits to the various different stakeholders in your health.